2022 in Review: the Top 10 Crypto Moments of the Year

[ad_1] Key Takeaways The crypto ecosystem shed $2 trillion in market value and lost several major players in 2022, but it didn’t die. Terra, Three Arrows Capital, FTX, and a host of... Read more »

Four Potential Catalysts for the Next Crypto Bull Run

[ad_1] Key Takeaways The cryptocurrency market is currently caught in a slump amid global macroeconomic pressures. Growing fintech adoption could attract the next wave of crypto users, potentially helping prices surge. Bitcoin... Read more »

Is This the Trader Who Exploited Mango Markets for $100M?

[ad_1] Key Takeaways Decentralized perpetual futures exchange Mango Markets was drained of $100 million yesterday. A trader by the name of Avraham Eisenberg recently discussed attacking protocols in a similar fashion on... Read more »

No, Wrapped Ethereum Isn’t In Trouble. Here’s Why

[ad_1] Key Takeaways Crypto Twitter has been sharing jokes about wETH being exploited or losing its peg. At least one media publication—Bloomberg—took the jokes at face value. Wrapped Ethereum does not have... Read more »

Cosmos Ecosystem Rallies on Market Bounce

[ad_1] Key Takeaways Cosmos’ ATOM token is trading at $12.72 after a Thursday surge. It’s up over 40% over the past 30 days. Evmos, Osmosis, and JUNO have also rallied on the... Read more »

U.S. Inflation Is Sticky at 8.2%. What’s Next for Bitcoin?

[ad_1] Key Takeaways U.S. inflation declined from 8.3% to 8.2% on a yearly basis in September. Although the Consumer Price Index fell by 10 basis points, the decline was less than economists’... Read more »

Bitcoin Breaks Below $20,000 Amid Market Selloff

[ad_1] Share this article Ethereum also dipped below $1,500 Saturday.  Bitcoin Suffers in Market Dip  The crypto market’s selloff hasn’t let up.  Bitcoin briefly dipped below $20,000 Saturday, extending its weeks-long losing... Read more »

Algorand DeFi Is Booming. Here’s Why

[ad_1] Key Takeaways Liquidity is flooding into Algorand’s DeFi ecosystem. The total value locked on Algorand hit $270 million for the first time today. Hivemind Capital deployed $25 million worth of capital... Read more »

Bitcoin, Ethereum Jump After U.S. Jobs Report

[ad_1] Key Takeaways The U.S. labor market remained robust in August despite growing economic concerns. Bitcoin and Ethereum posted moved higher on Friday following the report. Still, both cryptocurrencies remain in a... Read more »

Crypto Winter Is Rough. Here Are Five Essential Survival Tips

[ad_1] Key Takeaways Bear markets are where the money is made, so sticking around and staying engaged is crucial for success in crypto. Second-order thinking and expected value are two instrumental mental... Read more »